Waste management, hazardous and non-hazardous

Highly specialized

TV ANALYSIS S.r.l. It is a highly specialized chemical laboratory in the activity of environmental analysis with particular regard to the waste sector: it provides assistance to companies for the chemical control of production activities and the environment.

TV ANALYSIS offers a defined and full support starting from the study of the production cycle and the nature of the sample, to allow you to choose the specific analytical profile that best suits the waste, evaluate its danger and the possible attribution of the danger classes according to the standards in force.

TV ANALYSIS boasts specific experience in the waste sector and is able to support the needs of this particular and delicate sector: it is also an ACCREDIA certified laboratory, which operates in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard.

The laboratory makes use of the latest generation of analytical instruments that are constantly updated, in order to be able to satisfy even the most complex needs both in the chemical field and in environmental consultancy for local companies.

To aim for the complete satisfaction of the Customer, our policy has always been oriented towards problem-solving, which also means offering complementary, timely and effective services, always looking beyond the customer's expectations


  • The laboratory has advanced instrumental technologies and highly qualified personnel to meet the most varied analytical requirements, in compliance with current environmental regulations.

    TV ANALYSIS is not only a chemical analysis laboratory, but also offers an efficient technical assistance service in the field of environmental management and waste legislation (the correct characterization and classification of waste, for its correct disposal or possible recovery) .


Sampling and characterization

Sampling and characterization of solid and liquid waste from production activities and production waste of different origins are performed, which can be classified as waste and which require appropriate disposal/recovery.


- Sampling in accordance with the UNI 10802:2013 standard (liquid, granular, paste-like waste and sludge)

- Manual sampling and preparation and analysis of eluates