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organizzazione 1Vidori Servizi Ambientali Srl’s current Authorization allows the company to store/treat up to 250 000 tons of waste/year and handle the widest range of EWC codes, both hazardous and non- hazardous. The origin of the waste is 60% from small and medium-sized companies and the rest from big national manufacturers.

VIDORI SERVIZI AMBIENTALI SRL’s strength is in its management structure:

1. the sales network;

2. the operations centre;

3. reception office and customer service.

organizzazione 2With regards to the first point, the Company has a widespread distribution of agents capable of acquiring clients and guaranteeing their constant presence to manage the different contracts. The operations centre is particularly efficient seeing as it can count on its own vehicles and plants and on the collaboration of other operative sectors, each one with its own area of expertise therefore guaranteeing a prompt and adequate service

Vidori Servizi Ambientali Srl operates mainly in its own plant with a “turn-key” philosophy therefore offering a complete waste management service, from consultancy, to assistance, to characterization, to collection with transport, up to final disposal/recovery of all types of waste.